For the first time in St. Petersburg

Folk dance festival «Bright Square»

8, June 2013

The organizer, Gypsy Dance School «Rada», wants to bring together the most vibrant and colorful traditions: Spanish flamenco, Caucasian lezginka, Indian dance, oriental belly dance, any other exotic national show and, of course, gypsy dance. Professionals and amateurs will have the opportunity not only to enjoy the concert program but also to visit the workshops on a variety of dance styles. Participants of the event will plunge into the exciting world of dance and music and learn the most wonderful and truly multicultural language — the language of ethnic dance.
We invite both professionals and amateur dancers as well as fans of the genre.
We plan the festival to be an annual event.

We invite dancers of:
Gypsy dance,
Oriental dance (belly dance, tribal, Arabic dance),
Irish dance,
Caucasian dances,
Indian dance,
Russian folk,
Ukrainian folk,
Japanese dance,
Solo Latina
and many others!

On our Square we will organise different workshops where professional dancers will share their secrets. On the other side of the square you will see a market full of glistening handmade jewelry, unique accessories as well as home furnishing goods. The centre of the square will sparkle with bright colours of breathtaking dances.